• Sassetta

    Sassetta, Province of Livorno, Italy .

    Sassetta has been, for a long time, a Feud of the Republic of Pisa, at that time known as one of the main important Maritime Republics of Italy.

    After the Florentine conquest, the feud of Sassetta was owned by Rinieri della Sassetta until the 1516, when, together with his brother Orlandi Della Sassetta, were exiled by Florentine Signoria.

    Since the 16th century, the Feud and the Castle belonged to the family of Spanish origin, Ramirez de Montalvo who arrived in FLORENCE with the court of Eleonora da Toledo Eleonora da Toledo who married the Grand Duke of Tuscany COSIMO I Dé MEDICI.

    Later in 18th century, the ownership of the land and the Castle passed to the Lorraine family.

    In the year 1836 the Municipality of Sassetta was included in the province of Grosseto where it remained for several years and, most recently, to the province of Livorno.


  • La Cerreta Terme - Sassetta

    La Cerreta Terme, Via della Cerreta, Sassetta, Province of Livorno, Italy .

    For lovers of wellness and spa treatments, in the woods of Sassetta, just a few kilometers away and reachable by bike, lies the only Tuscan Wellness Center that offers "extended wellness paths."

    Inspired by the traditions of the ancient Etruscans, the balneotherapy pools with thermal water, the Turkish bath, and the various emotional paths, the spa offers a wide choice of wellness paths and holistic and beauty treatments.

    A rejuvenating and wellness break between the excursions and activities of your Tuscan vacation.

  • Bolgheri – Castagneto Carducci

    Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci, Province of Livorno, Italy .

    A few minutes from our Estate you can take a world-famous itinerary and be totally immersed in the culture and atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside: the wine road by which you can reach the small villages of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci.

    Driving along the famous "Avenue of Cypresses," among 5 km of centuries-old cypresses and UNESCO World Heritage Site, you reach Bolgheri, the small village that inspired Carducci in many of his works and that today is an unmissable experience for anyone who loves to immerse themselves in Tuscan culture and atmosphere.

    A few kilometers away lies Castagneto Carducci, which from the hilltop promontory dominates the entire valley from the countryside to the sea.

    Going up the narrow streets of the town, which preserves its medieval architecture intact, you will discover the characteristic historic center and several pleasant viewpoints. We suggest a visit to Casa Carducci, where you can see the rooms where the poet lived and an archive of unique poems and documents related to him.


  • Suvereto

    Suvereto, Province of Livorno, Italy .

    Medieval Villages

    (Massa Marittima, Campiglia, Suvereto)

    The beautiful medieval village of Suvereto, named one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, is definitely worth a visit. Characteristic alleys, romantic views and picture-postcard corners, the Borgo stands out on the slopes of the hills overlooking the sea and the Etruscan Coast and is a true jewel of Tuscany.

    Campiglia Marittima, of very ancient origin, preserves in and around the village suggestive evidence of Etruscan, Roman and medieval civilization.

    On your vacation, don't miss a day trip to Massa Marittima, a unique medieval village in the Upper Maremma. All the period buildings built in the 13th century are located in the main Piazza Garibaldi, which you are sure to encounter on your walk through Massa. A small town in which to stroll through the historic center and through picturesque alleys with small stores and restaurants.

  • Costa degli Etruschi

    Costa degli Etruschi, Province of Livorno, Italy .

    Territory overlooking the Tyrrhenian coast, once the land of the Etruscan people, traces of which are still scattered. This part of Tuscany, rich in beaches, hills and medieval villages is a destination for discreet, quality tourism, seeking immersive sensations and experiences in genuine Tuscany.

    The splendid islands of the Archipelago; sailing cruises to get in touch with turtles, cetaceans, dolphins or swim in one of the many coves; the pine forests by the sea that blend with the green of the Mediterranean maquis, in a path made of cultivated fields, rows of vines, centuries-old olive trees and rows of cypresses. All this and much more is what is most intense in an area still largely unspoiled and far from large-scale mass tourism.